Disk balling machine

QPY/QPYM type disc into ball machine

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  Granulating equipments

  Granulation system is widely used in chemical industry,ceramics,building materials,metallurgy,ceramics,refractories,casting,batteries and environmental protection industries.

  Overall linkage control of multiple granulator

  Automatic realization of PLC control by material water

  Drive lubrication to realize automatic oiling

  The sealing device realizes automatic cleaning

  Sand or light material diversion system


  QPY/QPYM Disc balling machine

  Invention patent No.ZL201310184187.0

  Belong to the intermittent pelletizing process,divided into the ball ball and dry pelletizing.The utility model has the advantages of uniform ball formation,easy control of the moisture of the ball ball and higher strength of the ball.Realize automatic feeding,automatic feeding,automatic discharge,the whole process of computer control.

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